24 Alternate Sees File Foreign exchange NDF Commerce Volumes in October

Non-deliverable forward trading volumes hit an all-time high at Fortex Inc.
Foreign exchange non-deliverable forwards (NDFs) trade volumes on Fortex Inc, a global multi-asset trading platform, have reached new highs in recent days and weeks. The platform’s daily FX NDF trade volume peaked at $1.476 billion on October 21, 2022. A total of $1.175 billion was transacted in FX NDF trades on the platform during October 17-21, 2022, setting a new weekly record.
24 Exchange noted that “average weekly FX NDF trading volume on the 24 Exchange platform exceeded $1 billion during three of the last six weeks.”
Jason Woerz, President of 24 Exchange, remarked that the expansion of its NDF platform is a tribute to its emphasis in offering the greatest possible trading experience and platform for its clients.
Between October 2020 and April 2021, Fortex was able to secure $21.275 million in funding. The company will provide digital asset service providers with access to a cryptocurrency spot market as part of its overall goal. FX NDF trading volumes, along with those of other asset classes, are expected to increase steadily at Fortex.

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