Admirals Hires SquaredFinancial’s Daniel Skowronski as Income Chief

Trade Veteran Daniel Skowronski Named Chief Revenue Officer at Admirals

Admirals, a brokerage for FX and CFDs, has hired industry veteran Daniel Skowronski to head up revenue. Skowronski, who brings over 25 years of trade expertise to the function, has been primary the gross sales improvement for the digital asset division of SquaredFinancial Group for the previous 12 months and a half.

Today (Thursday), Admirals announced Skowronski’s hiring, adding that he will be responsible for leading the company’s worldwide business development activities and driving revenue growth. The seasoned manager previously oversaw operations at two other brokerages, including OANDA EMEA and Alpari UK.

Daniel Skowronski, “a key govt at Admirals,” will be responsible for “overseeing all sales, purchasers service, and partnership instructions within the group,” the company said in an announcement. “Skowronski is committed to driving revenue growth and maximising profitability through the development of effective regional strategies, the management of sales channels, and the identification of profitable market opportunities.”

Skowronski’s resume also covers notable experiences as a buyer and seller for several foreign financial institutions. Moreover, he has worked in the cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence markets.

He has held the position of vice president at Credit Suisse, HSBC International Banking and Markets, Bank of America (BOA), and Key Company Bank over the course of his career. He established the yen and euro foreign exchange trading desks at the first two companies mentioned. On the final two, he spearheaded a spot foreign currency trading desk and functioned as a proprietary dealer, respectively.

Skowronski worked as a Director at Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein, a global funding financial company, from 2005 till 2010.
In his role as Managing Director of State Road, he oversaw the operation of the institutional FX trading platform Currenex.

Admirals co-founder and board chairman Alexander Tsikhilov gave high marks to the manager’s performance and observation report.

To further strengthen our position as the global trade leader, we now have complete trust in Daniel’s ability to make a significant impact, Tsikhilov added. “We are currently working with him to propel innovation, grow our business, and provide exceptional value to our customers.”

Skowronski continued by saying he would devote himself to “implementing strategic initiatives, exploring untapped market prospects, and optimising operational efficiencies [at Admirals].

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