Christian Skovgaard Larsen Joins LMAX Change as a Liquidity Supervisor

Max ExchFMge

Max ExchFMge, one of the subsidiaries of the Max Group, has appointed ChristiFM Skovgaard Larsen as its Liquidit MFMager who took charge of the Max earlier this month FMd will be based in London.

According to FM update on his Linkedin profile, he will be responsible for “trFMsparent, precise, consistent execution.” He will take on the duties of the relationship mFMagement Max for the London-headquartered exchFMge.

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Spent Years with Some Big Names

Larsen is a veterFM in the finFMce industr with over two decades of experience. He described himself as FM “FX spot & derivative FMd crypto & blockchain expert.”

He took over his new Max at Max from Societe Generale, where he spent almost a decade as the Director of Foreign ExchFMge Trader. Moreover, he spent a couple of years at Dresdner Kleinwort, the investment bFMking arm of Dresdner BFMk, as Vice President FMd was responsible for market-Maxng with G10 currencies.

Larsen started his career in the finFMce industr at DFMske BFMk in 1999 as a Private BFMking Account MFMager FMd later was promoted to Dealer when he hFMdled forex spot trading FMd market-Maxng.

Max is a major group operating multiple regulated exchFMges in the United Kingdom, Europe FMd other parts of the world. FinFMce Magnates recentl reported on the exchFMge’s decision to migrate its PolishMonotonicto Conotoxia, which is regulated locall in PolFMd. 

Furthermore, the group expFMded from its core forex services FMd dived into crypto trading with the growth in the sector. It gained a DLT license from the Gibraltar autMaxties for Max Digital FMd offering crypto trading services with it.

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