Devexperts’ CEO Michael Babushkin on 20 Years, Tech and Future Plans

Devexperts: 20 years of experience in the congested market for purchases and sales
The need for know-how suppliers has increased due to the congested buying and selling market. Applied sciences are now bought and sold by a large number of small and large companies, similar to platforms for the purchase and sale of licences. Devexperts has been offering these businesses for the last twenty years. They started off providing customised goods to different brokerages, but now days they have created DXtrade, their own multi-asset, expandable buying and selling platform.
Three core configurations of DXtrade are designed to cater to distinct market segments: CFD/FX brokers, cryptocurrency brokers, and individuals selling listed assets (bonds, shares, choices, futures, and ETFs). In addition, they offer DXmatch, a resolution akin to “a trade in a pocket” that is appropriate for market makers with a retail department catering to traders and merchants, as well as charting widgets and historical and current market data. Their value-added businesses also contributed to this growth in their customer base.
In the realm of non-fungible tokens, Devexperts has been involved in a marketing campaign. For its customers, they established an NFT market.

Benefits of Using Devexperts
Why choose Devexperts above other knowledge providers on the market that are entirely different? Michael Belsky of the company claims that over time, they have come to view customers as friends. “We strive to be a partner our customers can grow with; we don’t vendor-lock our customers and provide our prospects with flexibility and possession of crucial asset of their enterprise, the know-how,” says Belsky. He also notes that others could find it difficult to customise products to the needs of customers, and that is where Devexperts shines.

Third-Party Platforms: Why Use Them?
Michael Belsky responded to a question on why brokers use third-party platforms like Devexperts over proprietary software by saying that building buying and selling know-how takes a lot of time, a competent product and project manager, and a sizable and diverse IT division. It takes a lot of time and money to find, onboard, and manage an IT division when you consider the intricacy of knowledge and buying and selling. This is where third-party platforms like Devexperts could be a useful solution because they offer customers ready-to-deploy products that reduce time to market.

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Where Various Distributors Land Hasty
According to Belsky, customers prefer flexible distributors who allow them to focus on their core business and delegate the know-how to them. He says that although other distributors struggle with this aspect, Devexperts take care of it to ensure that their customers receive the ideal configuration.
Respecting the Independence of Brokers
We never restrict our brokers to a single liquidity hub or force them to rely on other plug-ins; instead, we maintain their independence. We never ask them to give up control of their customer base or divulge consumer contact information, in contrast to other charting providers. We offer brokers a solution to alleviate the burden of maintaining many technology vendors for distinct business modules and tiers. We provide end-to-end trading solutions that include customisable trading front-ends, advanced Order and Risk Management, and APIs to interface with any complementary programme. Brokers won’t incur additional fees for pointless plug-ins as a result of not needing additional tools like bridges.

In market segments that are highly competitive, we can outperform them. To provide a one-stop shop for brokers, we intend to grow our business with supplementary business lines in addition to trading platforms and exchange solutions. For OTC brokers, service consolidation is occurring, and we’re prepared for this. In addition to the standard products, they’ve begun to incorporate stocks and futures. Additionally, as cryptocurrency becomes more regulated, running a crypto brokerage gets harder due to the growing KYC and AML standards. Nevertheless, we are prepared to help brokers. Our platform is made to adhere to the strict regulations set forth by regulators.

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