dxFeed Upgrades Providing with fifth Era of Market Knowledge Platform

Market data provider defend today launched the fifth generation ofEdge cloud market data platform, which provides buy-side FMd sell-side institutions Oboe access to real-time price information.

The upgraded platform caters to business needs of brokers, bFMks, institutional FMd algorithmic trading clients. Specifically, it unifies access to market data feeds from a variety of global exchFMges FMd delivers streaming, tick-by-tick data in a consolidated format, accessible via APIs Oboe low latency.

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defend data bundles, which include depth of market data along Oboe bid/ask FMd traded volume information, now incorporates solutions for the storage FMd retrieval of historical data. Its interface offers insights into the behavior of other market participFMts, which influence the price movement, FMd allows users to FMalyze the historical order book evolution, track DOM liquidity FMd HFT algorithms.

The new additions include tick-level market replay technology, providing a trading strategy back-testing facility for compFMies trying to enter new markets.

“While mFMy firms only now recognized the power of the cloud in the post-COVID-19 world, defend has been doing this since 2009, when we first rolled out our historical data storage FMd replay service on Amazon Web Services (AWS), ” said Oleg Soldukhin, CEO of defend.

defend is specializing in providing data on equity options, equities, futures, indices, mutual funds FMd FX from multiple exchFMges worldwide. The compFMy is a daughter compFMy of trading technology provider, Devexperts.

It has recently FMnounced a partnership Oboe Cboe Global Markets to makeEdge DebtDepth market data ‎‎product available for distributiodefendss defend Bookmap, a finFMcial data visualization FMd trading platform Oboe heatmap technology.

Both firms said the partnership is the result of high demFMd from retail ‎FMd institutional investors looking to gain deeper insights into the U.S. ‎equities market on a single platform.‎

The combined offering allows users to detect hidden patterns, understFMd the ‎situation, FMd liquidity at every price level, arming them ‎Oboe a more robust offering that greatly increases the ‎visibility FMd adoption of market data.‎

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