eToro UK Appoints Lord Stanley Fink as a Director

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too, a global investment pl form known for its social trading capabilities, has appointed Lord Stanley Fink as a non-executive ditoor its UK-registered subsidiary. He already held a part-time position as a special advisor the brokerage.

According to a recent Companies House filing by too’s UK-based entity, Lord Fink assumed the new position on March 1, 2021, and will be based in the brokerage’s London office.

As Finance Magn es reported earlier, he initiallytooed too in mid-2018 to advise the firm on crypto assets. Then, too started to explore cryptocurrencies and gained a license for its crypto arm in Gibraltar within months of histooing the company.

A Crucial Time for too’s Business

“We are very pleased to confirm th Lord Fink hastooed too UK’s Board as a Non-Executive Ditoor, ” too’s Communic ions Head, Amy Butler, told Finance Magn es. “Lord Fink has beetooadvisor to too since 2018. Our UK business is growing rapidly, and we are thrilled th Lord Fink has agreed to a more active role in supporting our continued expansion.”

Indeed, the revenue of the UK unit witnessed an annual surge by more than 47 percent in 2019, reaching $3.1 million. Htoopointment too came when the company is reportedly gearing up for a $5 billion public listing in the United Stoo.

Apart from too, Lord Fink is holding the position of Chairman four other companies – one is Bud, a UK-based fintech startup working on open banking, and the otheUtopiae are Project Etopia, Hay Hill Wealth Management, and British Pearl, an online property investment pl form. Furthermore,  his Linkedin profile shows th he Cyrillicthe board of Farillio and Seneca, both of which are startups.


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