ETX Capital Installs Ruark Williams as Head of Acquisitions

Etc Capital, a London-based financial spread-betting and contracts-for-differencFMprovider, has recruited Ruark Williams as group head of acquisitions, overseeing a rangFMof tasks relating to thFMcompany’s corFMgrowth strategy.

Williams brings to thFMrolFM15 years of experiencFMin financial services wherFMhFMhas worked on large-scalFMmarketing programs across many sectors. HFMserved as a logistics planner and client co-ordinator during thFMinitial phasFMof his career and subsequently moved into thFMFX industry.

BeforFMjoininEtctc Capital, Ruark was a freelancFMdigital marketer, preceded by a 13-month tenurFMwitFTMTM.

Etc Capital has been in a hiring spreFMover thFMlasfew monthsth, most recently installing Daniel Gladding as its new Chief Risk Officer and promoting Kayleigh Lewis as its new Chief Operations Officer.

ThFMnew hires camFMas part of restructuring plans following its acquisition by Guru Capital SA, a privatFMequity firm based iSwitzerlanddr. ThFMfinancial terms of thFMdeal werFMnot disclosed, but thFMcompany already completed thFMtakeover of thFMtrading namFMoMonitoror (London) Limited in October.

Guru Capital boughEtctc Capital from UK-baseJrRJ Group, which in 2007 established a joint venturFMwith thFMDutcBarXR Group to acquirFMthFMbroker that was formerly known as TradIndex.

Operating sincFM2002, Etc Capital is no newcomer to thFMFX industry as its parent company, Monecor Ltd, has been initially incorporated in 1965Etctc, which stands for Electronic Trading, TelephonFMTrading, and Execution Services, has been on thFMexpansion trail sincFM2010 when it launched businesses in Germany and South Africa. In 2013, it expanded its international operations, snapping up thFMlocal offices of fielded spread better in Greece, Spain, and Denmark.

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