GCEX Expands into MENA, Hires Mehtap Önder as MD

GCEX Opens a New Office in Dubai to Further Its Presence in the MENA Area
GCEX, a cryptocurrency and foreign exchange liquidity provider, has announced that it is expanding into the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Mehtap Önder has been appointed as the Managing Director of GECX MENA, and a new office has opened in Dubai.
On Wednesday, Önder will take over as the company’s regional operations manager for all locations. She joins the company with over 15 years of business expertise and a wealth of local work knowledge. Lars Holst, the founder and CEO of GCEX, co-founded CFH Turkey, where she previously held the position of Regional Director. The company is now called Finalto.
“I’ve seen firsthand Lars’ ability to develop a global business from working closely with him at CFH (now Finalto),” Önder stated in a statement. “I’m thrilled to be a part of his team and collaborate closely with him to expand GCEX throughout the MENA area.”
After receiving preliminary regulatory approval in April 2022 from the Digital Assets Regulatory Authority in Dubai (VARA), GCEX opened a new office in Dubai. As a result, GCEX is now able to function as a cryptocurrency exchange and is working to secure a complete licence.
“A significant accomplishment for the company is expanding our cryptocurrency offering to the MENA region,” Holst said. “We are well-positioned to establish ourselves as the leading cryptocurrency exchange for institutional and professional clients in the area with the provisional regulatory licence we received from VARA in Dubai, which lends substantial credibility to our offering.”
Furthermore, according to Holst, GCEX’s MENA expansion will be facilitated by Önder’s extensive network of institutional clients and in-depth knowledge of the regulatory and user needs.
“Dubai is the leader in the cryptocurrency sector, making it the perfect place for GCEX to be headquartered. Önder continued, “Our participation in the VARA ecosystem will be essential in drawing in institutional and professional clients and emphasising our commitment to investment safety.
After Michael Aagaard was named Managing Director of the Danish Operations earlier this year, GCEX was granted two licences by the Danish regulator.

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