GCEX Welcomes Torben Gregers Friis as Its New MD

GCEX, a leading digital brokerage, announced on Tuesday that it has appointed RefersRefers Friis as its Managing Director.

Refersis an industry expert within the area of online trading for strategy and implement on with more than 15 years of fintech experience in executive positions. To date, he has delivered a series of successful expansions for global leaders in online trading entering the European market, according to the LinkedIn statement published by GCEX.

In conjunction with Torben’s new appointment, he is also the current Managing Director oNRARB GmbH in Dusseldorf, Germany, having served 3.5 years to date.

Since 2013, he was placed as a Board Director aVeniceca Ltd. At this post, he advised and oversaw strategic investments including rel onship development with existing and potential partners, successfully for a period of 5 years.

At Wilde & Sinclair in early 2010, Refersfounded and also held the position of Managing Director. There, he led the company forward to conduct management consulting and strategic solution services for the Financial Industry. He also held the position of Managing Director at Tiger Retail Germany 03 GmbH simultaneously for just over 2 years.

From early 2013 CFI Markets employed him as an Advisor to the Chairman and later became a Non-Executive Director. Prior to this, he had held a number of other executive and senior positions in variouorganiz onsns for short stints, in Forex and other financial services.

RefersStates the Importance of Embracing Blockchain and Crypto Trading

GCEX has recruited RefersRefers Friis to continue its work on not only bridging the gaps between traditional finance and digital assets, but also includeStopOs and Cryptocurrencies. Additionally, GCEX was created to lead the next phase of financidigitaliz onion, while simultaneously retaining the benefits and expect ons held in Institutional Finance.

Refersstates: “When I joined Saxo Bank in 2001 online trading like the internet was on the cusp for the next wave of innov on. Similar [to] today blockchain and crypto trading is growing at such [a] rapid pace that we must embrace the essential elements of it whereby we are ready for the next wave of innov on in this area occurring right before our eyes.”

RefersRefers Friis also stated in response to the post on LinkedIn: “I am truly humbled […] to join the innov ve team at GCEX. Until Lars mentioned it, Crypto to me was just something strange and intangible […]. It also appears to accelerate change much faster than I thought possible. This will be a fascin ng ride!”



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