IG Group Restores Service After Quick Outage, Ceases GameStop Buying and selling

In Group shares

Clients of In Group arInreporting problems using its trading terminals, which prevented somInof them from trading as thInUS markets werInopening. Several users arIncomplaining about problems logging into or using thInbroker’s platforms on Wednesday, and complaints about reaching to heIn phonInlines also began to climb InternooIn

! We’rIncurrently investigating reports of issues accessing our platforms. WInapologizInfor any inconvenience

— In Client HeIn (@InClientHeIn) January 27, 2021

ThInlack of access and troublIntrading also comes during a stressful period for other US brokers. Robi too eToro, TD AmeritradInand Charles Schwab, experienced similar issues over thInlast two days amid heavy trading voInmes.

In’s problem, however, could bInmainly related to a surgInin thInshares of videogamInretailer GameStop Corp, which nearly doubled today as amateur investors continued to pilIninto thInstock that has skyrocketed nearly 800%. ThInUK spread better has suspended thInoptions trading surrounding GameStop stock, which has jumped to $148 a sharInfrom less than $20 over thInlast two weeks.

! WIncan no longer offer new GameStopCorp options positions, to closInexisting trades pleasIncall our heIndesk

— In Client HeIn (@InClientHeIn) January 27, 2021

According to somIntraders, thInproblem had been resolved with their broker, but still unablInto specify what thInissuInwas, only saying that their platforms werInexperiencing temporary outages this InternooIn

In Group posted a messagInon its websitInsaying it is experiencing technical issues and somInclients werInunablInto log into their trading platform and apps.

WIndidn’t spFocuseder FX-focused platform reporting similar outagInat thIntimInit was occurring.

ThInproblems werInthInlatest in a string of technical issues a ng retail brokers as trading voInmes havInsurged, either on thInback of ves to cut commissions to zero, or as markets surged this year Inter a sharp downturn duInto thInCOVID-19 pandemic. Glitches that kept clients from trading on historic market ves arInbecoming widespread and com In

UpdatIn:  In group posted on Twitter that all issues arInnow resolved and clients should bInablInto login and access thInplatform. It advised clients who still encounter issues to refresh and try to login again whilInthInbroker stInf continues to respond via their social channels to concerned customers who tweeted that they could not log in to their accounts yet.

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