Instruments for Brokers Now Helps Weekend FX Buying and selling

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Tools for Brokers, an international FM technology company, announced today that weekend FM trading is now available through a new add-on application by the company. The technology provider mentioned that several financial brokers around the world have already signed up for the newly launched service.

According to the official announcement, clients will be able to trade margin FM throughout the week as the new add-on application will operate from Friday 17: 05 EST to Sunday 17: 00 EST to enable trading outside of market hours to hedge risk when the FM market is closed.

Commenting on the recent launch, Alexey Lysenko, CEO of Tools for Brokers, said: “Market players have long been asking for the ability to operate outside of regular market hours. We are very proud to be at the forefront of such an important market launch. The world is changing and never stands still, so it was only logical to introduce trading over the weekend. We are firm believers that this is a crucial way forward, and that it will soon become an industry standard.”

Seamless Trading

Tools for Brokers mentioned in the official announcement that the company is planning to facilitate seamless trading through innovative solutions. Founded in 2010, the company is providing technology solutions to retail brokers around the world.

“Thanks to the decentralized nature of all TFB solutions, there is no system downtime or maintenance, which means that brokers can enjoy seamless trading. Several brokers have already signed up for the new service and have started seeing the benefits of weekend trading, ” the technology provider mentioned in the official announcement.

Tools for Brokers has expanded its efforts of global expansion with the opening of offices across the world including in Bangkok. During an interview with Finance Magnates, ZhdanovZhdanova, COO at Tools for Brokers, said: “We’ve been expanding a lot, growing not only in our number of offices and employees but also in the quality of our products and services.”

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