Match-Commerce Applied sciences Promotes Michał Karczewski as CEO

Match-Commerce Technologies Names Michał Karczewski CEO Michał Karczewski has been named CEO of Match-Commerce Technologies. He joined the company in January 2017 and was based in Poland. He previously served as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the organisation. In the forex and contracts for differences (CFDs) industries, Match-Commerce is a technology supplier that offers turnkey solutions to companies that give institutional and retail traders access to the spot market.
Karczewski has a wealth of experience in the trading industry; in late 2018, he co-founded Match-Prime, which provides liquidity services for forex and CFDs on a range of asset classes, including equities, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. Despite being two different firms, Match-Commerce and Match-Prime have strategic alliances with two connected businesses: Match.
Karczewski started his career as a Junior Trader at Poland-listed retail broker X-Commerce Brokers in December 2011. Before departing as a Trader, he worked for the company for two years and six months.
Match-Commerce has recorded outstanding results for this year. In 2021, the company added more than 130 new clients, many of them were white label MT4 and MT5 brokers. The average turnover of MT4 brokers surged tenfold, while that of MT5 brokers doubled. Furthermore, Match-Dealer’s trading platform sales increased by 155%.
Additionally, Match-Commerce is improving its products through the incorporation of outside services. It just teamed up with Sumsub to integrate automated know-your-customer (KYC) authentication into their unique Client Officer CRM.

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