Moscow Alternate Posts Month-to-month Restoration in June FX Buying and selling Demand

Moscow Exchange Reports June 2022 Trading Volume Significantly Down
The trading metrics on the Moscow Exchange (MOEX) platform for June 2022 have been made public, and they show a notable decline. RUB 73.5 trillion was the total trading volume across markets in the preceding month, down 6% from the previous month and almost 10% from the same month last year.
A month-over-month recovery in demand for foreign exchange instruments was evident in the total trading volume, which increased to RUB 17.8 trillion from RUB 16.1 trillion in May. The overall volume of foreign exchange traded was RUB 26.8 trillion as of June 2021.
Foreign exchange swaps and futures worth RUB 10.3 trillion were exchanged last month, while spot foreign exchange instruments accounted for RUB 7.5 trillion of the overall trading volume. These two numbers decreased from the prior month’s values.
The demand for trading in the bond and equity markets increased significantly month over month. RUB 15 trillion was traded overall in these markets, an increase over RUB 995.4 billion in the previous month. It is still less than RUB 3.8 trillion from the prior year, though.
Although trading volume in stocks, DRs, and investment fund units increased month over month to RUB 909.3 billion from RUB 596.9 billion, it is still over sixty billion less than it was a year ago.
It should be mentioned that the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine has had a significant effect on domestic trade in Russia. In the early days of the battle, the Moscow Exchange was closed for over a month in order to lessen the impact of the war on the trading markets. However, because of international sanctions and limitations, trading demand—especially in the equities market—remains far lower than it was prior to the war.
Regarding the futures market, the demand for month-to-month trading decreased slightly. It was RUB 5.3 trillion as opposed to RUB 5.6 trillion in May. That being said, the amount is a lot less than the RUB 11.4 trillion from June 2021.
The turnover in the precious metal markets was RUB 8.7 billion, up from RUB 4.1 billion in the previous month but down from RUB 27.7 billion in the year prior. In addition, year-over-year growth in the cash market saw demand rise by 23.3 percent to RUB 48.4 trillion.

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