OnePro Appoints Mohamed Elsergany as MENA CEO and International CMO

Mohamed Elsergany is named CEO for MENA by OnePro.

The MENA-focused financial company OnePro, situated in Dubai, has announced Mohamed Elsergany’s appointment as CEO. Elsergany, a seasoned professional in the financial services industry in the Middle East and North Africa, will spearhead the company’s growth while fortifying and broadening its new alliances.

Elsergany joins the company after Mohanad Yakout left to seek other opportunities. Yakout was the Chief Marketing Officer.

Elsergany was most recently situated in Dubai and held the position of Regional Head of PU Prime at FX Options for the MENA Region. Having held positions at Tickmill, MIG Bank, Swissquote, and Alfath Group, he has a wealth of knowledge in the MENA financial services industry.

Elsergany played a pivotal role in formulating and executing PU Prime’s marketing strategy, hence propelling product demand and augmenting the company’s market share across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) area.

With an emphasis on fostering growth, creating new goods, and growing OnePro’s footprint in the MENA area, Elsergany will be in charge of managing the company’s operations. In addition, he will be responsible for fortifying the company’s ties with Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Dubai, and the United Arab Emirates. Elsergany will also be in charge of worldwide head of market research and market analysis.

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