Range areas Promotes James Hughes, Names Two More brand new Hires

Range Markets Adds Three New Appointments to Strengthen Management
The three new hires to Range Markets’ leadership team are James Hughes as Group Head of Marketing, Joshua Mahony as Chief Market Analyst, and Antonia Drousiotou as Head of Brand. Range Markets is owned by Rostro Financial Group. Hughes, the newly appointed job, was elevated internally, and Mahony and Drousiotou, two experienced hires, join him.

“Following the acquisition of Scope Markets by Rostro Group, the company was undergoing a number of changes to ensure that we are well positioned for our future growth ambitions,” stated Hughes.

With the most recent position being that of Senior Market Analyst, Mahony has eight years of expertise from IG, Deutsche Bank, Barclays Capital, and the London offices of Alpari. Drousiotou comes from the retail trading sector, where he was employed by broker Skilling for CFDs and forex.

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Under Rostro’s direction, Scope Markets has had a number of executive transitions, including the appointment of Pavel Spirin as CEO and John Murphy as Chief Revenue Officer. Spirin expressed his optimism for the company’s future development, saying, “2023 is going to be a fantastic year for Scope Markets.” Now that the new team is firmly in place, we are optimistic that, with Rostro Group as our owner, we will continue to fulfil our goal of becoming the go-to financial provider in the several regions we serve.

According to Range Markets CEO John Murphy, the company’s recent additions to the Rostro Group—Josh Hughes and Joshua Mahony, who join Antonia Drousiotou as Market Analysts to their Scope Markets branding team—are critical to achieving their objectives.

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