Revolut Hires Two Advertising and marketing Executives to Bolster US Presence

Revolut Has Released New SchedulesRevolut, a rapidly expanding financial app with over 18 million users worldwide, announced on Friday that it has hired Danil Ovechkin as Head of Growth and Yuval Rechter as General Manager.Accelerating client growth and increasing engagement are two of the company’s long-term goals, which the two new hires are intended to help achieve.Both Mr Rechter and Mr Ovechkin are seasoned experts in the field of financial technology.With over ten years of expertise, Mr. Rechter is well-versed in the payments industry.Prior to this, Mr. Ovechkin was AirBnB’s Growth Lead.CEO of Revolut Nikolay Storonsky expressed his enthusiastic welcome to the new hires, saying, “I am delighted to be welcoming such talented professionals into the team.” Their knowledge and proficiency in the field of financial technology will be crucial to assisting us in reaching our long-term goals.

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