SGSS’ Roberto Pecora to Run Euronext Clearing as CEO

Business Veteran Roberto Pecora Named CEO of Euronext Clearing. Roberto Pecora is the Chief Government Officer and Basic Supervisor of Euronext Clearing, a central counterparty (CCP) controlled by the pan-European alternate inventory company Euronext. The Board of Directors of Euronext Clearing selected Pecora for the position. Pecora has been the CEO of Societe Generale Securities Companies (SGSS), an Italian financial organisation that specialises in securities services, for the last three and a half years. It is expected that he will extend the role until July 3, 2023.
The seasoned business professional brings multi-role experience from Societe Generate to the recently established Rome-based position, where he is in charge of running Euronext Clearing’s daily operations and managing the multi-asset clearing arm’s interactions with clearing members and regulators. As a CCP, Euronext Clearing provides clearing houses for a range of financial instruments, including commodities, mounted revenue, stocks, and derivatives. These instruments were first founded in 1992 by the London Inventory Change and Borsa Italiana, and they have been a part of Euronext since 2021.
In an effort to expand Euronext Clearing throughout all of its markets, Euronext plans to begin offering by-product clearing in the third quarter of 2024 and fairness clearing by the end of 2023. Therefore, as a member of the Publish Commerce Management Crew led by Anthony Attia, Euronext’s World Head of Main Markets & Publish Commerce, Pecora is expected to be at the vanguard of this expansion plan.
By 2024, Attia famously stated, “As Euronext Clearing growth continues as planned, we will provide a novel submit commerce platform within the European panorama.” Market participants will benefit from a streamlined and standard buying, selling, and clearing arrangement across all Euronext venues. By utilising Euronext Securities, they may effectively utilise the full potential of T2S with an eco-friendly cross-border settlement stream.

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