SquaredFinancial’s Deputy CEO Husam Al Kurdi Departs to Begin New Enterprise

Husam Al Kurdi Leaves SquaredFinancial After Two Years

Having served as SquaredFinancial Group’s Deputy CEO for two years and five months, Husam Al Kurdi has quit to focus on his own ventures. In addition, as of the end of March 2020, Al Kurdi ceased serving as CEO of SquaredFinancial EU, a post he had held since the beginning of the year. SquaredFinancial announced that the former executive will continue working with the brokerage in a consulting capacity following the changes.
Al Kurdi worked with online trading provider ADSS for nearly seven and a half years in a variety of roles, including Head of Product Management and Operation Manager, before joining SquaredFinancial.
According to the company’s announcement, Philippe Ghanem, the company’s founder, will now serve as the company’s CEO. Ghanem has been the trading group’s chairman since April 2020.
Al Kurdi explained his departure by saying he was following his heart and starting his own business. In his thank you to Ghanem, he said, “do what I loved most.”
Youssef Barakat, the former CEO of SquaredFinancial, has joined the executive team of Seychelles-licensed foreign exchange (FX) and commodity futures (CFD) brokerage 4T.
Nour Hammoury joined SquaredFinancial in January as the company’s new Chief Market Analyst. Hammoury brings to the table more than 15 years of trading and analytical experience with an emphasis on stocks, foreign exchange, and the global economy.

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