United Fintech to Open New Workplace in Madrid Led by Erik Nordahl

Madrid-Based United Fintech Establishes New Office
Spain’s capital, Madrid, is home to a new office for United Fintech. The office and Athena Systems, the company in its portfolio, are housed in the same building. Erik Nordahl moved to Madrid in order to manage the development of United Fintech’s development team and important projects. The group’s primary goals will be to create capital markets-oriented projects and support United Fintech’s portfolio firms, which include Athena Systems, FairXchange, NetDania, and TTMzero.
The CEO of United Fintech, Christian Frahm, stated: “It’s very difficult to find technical talent in the current environment.” The competition for technical skill is fierce, made worse by the circumstances surrounding Russia and Ukraine.Since many of our clients are beginning to doubt Eastern Europe as a development resource powerhouse, we have been examining other options to get access to the greatest people in the business.
“We believe that taking advantage of Athena’s well-established network and brand from the previous 15 years in the leading technological IT community will be very beneficial.Recently, we have been working on a project for one of our international investment bank clients in Madrid alongside a large number of extremely talented engineers. We have four developers working at our new United Fintech office, and we are actively seeking additional.
“Our expansion in Madrid is a great strategic move, allowing us to continue to access top technology talent for our own projects, client projects as well as to help scale our portfolio companies,” said Erik Nordahl, CTO of United Fintech.Our worldwide sales force is causing our portfolio firms to operate more and require additional resources. For example, if they are having trouble finding developers in London, Berlin, or Copenhagen, we can now send developers to Madrid to help them out.
United Fintech accelerates the shift to the digital sphere by acquiring capital markets-related fintech businesses and establishing a one-stop shop that hedge funds and asset managers can use.

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