XTX, Zenfinex and Extra: Government Strikes of the Week

Finance Trade Reductions and Executive Orientation
Amidst the countless layoffs in the finance industry, a lot of workers are left wondering if their employment would be secure as April and Easter draw near.
Less executives joined the fintech, cryptocurrency, and foreign exchange sectors this week. As an example, Zenfinex strengthened their MENA team by adding Amer Zino as the Head of Sales for the Middle East and North Africa, XTX Markets elevated Dr. Hans Buehler to Co-Chief Executive Officer, and named Simone Manni as its new Head of Commercial Marketing in Europe. Additionally, James Hughes has assumed the job of Group Head of Marketing at Scope Markets, Joshua Mahony has been made Chief Market Analyst, and Antonia Drousiotou has been appointed Head of Branding. These appointments further strengthen the company’s leadership team.
Sergio P. Ermotti, the former CEO of UBS, is returning to oversee the complex acquisition of Credit Suisse. Ermotti served as UBS’s chairman for nine years before Ralph Hamers took over. He also served as Chairman of Swiss Re for two years, but the Board decided that Ermotti would be a better fit for UBS than Hamers, who is now in that role, because of the CHF 3 billion agreement with Credit Suisse.

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