Zenfinex Hires Amana’s Christelle Haddad to Lead Buyer Assist in MENA

Christelle Haddad is appointed by Zenfinex as the MENA region’s head of customer service.
Christelle Haddad, a Senior Foreign exchange Assistant Govt at Amana Capital, has been appointed by Zenfinex, a foreign currency and CFD dealer with its headquarters located in London, as its Head of Buyer Assist for the Centre East and North Africa (MENA) region.
Haddad’s appointment coincides with Alexandros Kritiotis, Zenfinex’s most recent hire to serve as its Global Chief Operating Officer. Zenfinex designated Michel Chabbouh as its CEO for MENA at the start of the year and gave him additional responsibility for managing the company’s activities in the United Arab Emirates. Jeffrey Navarro was then hired by the dealer to serve as its new Head of Latin America.
Zenfinex, a company licenced by the Monetary Conduct Authority, aims to grow its brokerage business. The UK-based dealer applied for Duba and Seychelles operation licences in November of last year, and in March of 2022, it was granted the Seychelles licence.
Zenfinex’s losses increased to £1.7 million in the fiscal year 2021 from £514,198 the year before due to rising administrative expenses. Despite this, the company claimed a notable increase in revenues for the fiscal year 2021.
Zenfinex stated in its Companies Home filing that it “sees a long-term future in the UK and as such has invested in people and infrastructure to support future growth; and this has seen the business increase its losses for the year.”

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