888,262 Bitcoin Addresses Now Maintain at Least 1 BTC

Bitcoin Addresses Hit a Record High.
At least one Bitcoin address reached an all-time high of 888,262 on Saturday. Each wallet holds more than $22,000 in bitcoin at the current price of Bitcoin.
whale of the last few weeks, there has also been a surge of Bitcoin addresses. 101 addresses on the Bitcoin network now contain a minimum of 10,000 bitcoin, the most in four weeks, according to the on-chain monitoring site Glassnode.
After falling by almost 70% over the previous seven months, Bitcoin has made a significant comeback in the last week. The overall number of BTC addresses in loss reached 17 million on Friday, the lowest amount in a month, following Bitcoin’s recent resurgence.
Aside from whale accounts, minor BTC addresses have also seen an increase in activity in the last few days. “The amount of BTC addresses with at least 0.01 coins just hit an all-time high of 10,535,795. Glassnode stated in a Tweet on July 22, 2022, that the prior ATH of 10,535,325 was seen on July 20, 2022.
Ethereum and Bitcoin Bitcoin witnessed weekly increases of over 10%, while Ethereum saw a strong climb of over 30%.
“For now, the more likely scenario is that the cryptocurrency market’s gains will be supported as long as we see a recovery in the stock market, and a reduction in recession and geopolitical risk fears,” stated Farah Mourad, Senior Market Analyst at XTB MENA, in response to the most recent price action in the market. However, it is worthwhile to show interest in smaller ventures when the cryptocurrency market is recovering. For those seeking greater waves to ride, smaller projects may offer greater volatility as Bitcoin and Ethereum become safe havens in the cryptocurrency industry.
The value of the cryptocurrency market cap hit $1.05 trillion on Saturday.

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