Binance Integrates with oneZero to Increase Liquidity Providing

Binance and OneZero Integrate
On Monday, Binance VIP and Institutional announced that they would be joining the oneZero ecosystem. OneZero develops multi-asset enterprise buying and selling expertise for banks, liquidity providers, retail and institutional brokers.
The merger comes after the introduction of the Binance Hyperlink Programme, an effort designed to enable corporate buyers to build their businesses using Binance expertise while receiving commission on trade fees by utilising Binance’s market depth and liquidity.
Through the cooperation, institutional buyers will be able to communicate trade and pricing over MetaTrader 4 and 5 servers as well as cross-connections to other bridges throughout the world. Brokers and digital asset exchanges on oneZero’s network will get liquidity and trading fees of up to 0.1% for Binance’s markets through this integration.
Additional Integrations
The integration takes place not long after Sydney-based Invast International, a multi-asset prime brokerage, chose oneZero to meet its fundamental trading technology requirements for its international institutional business. EMIREP, SteelEye, and Level 9 Data Source are among the trading-related businesses that oneZero has added to its platform in 2021 after IHS Markit, TRAction, and Tradefora. OneZero now has AFTX Connect, FDCTech, and Condor FX Pro as direct data sources.
OneZero’s patented value generation technology, Algorithmic Pricing Module, was released in March 2021. It generates customised pricing utilising broker data components and algorithms. Additionally, it introduced its institutional hub for banks, prime of prime suppliers, and institutional brokers in early 2021.

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