Bittrex Exits U.S. Market Amid Regulatory Points

Bittrex Crypto Trade Exits US Amid Regulatory Challenges Co-Founder and CEO Richie Lai announced on Twitter that Bittrex International will not be impacted by the change and will carry on with business as usual for clients outside of the US.
Lai wrote, “Today is a bittersweet day,” in his message. We turned nine this month, and although I’m happy and proud of how far we’ve gone, I’m also really depressed. Bittrex is starting the process of closing its US offices today. Rest assured that all customer monies are safe and easily withdrawn. But, we are unable to continue operating in the current regulatory and economic landscape in the United States due to financial constraints.
Lai went on to say, “Regulatory standards are sometimes vague and applied without the proper debate or consultation, creating an unfair playing field for competitors. In the end, we made significant strides towards realising our objective of seeing the cryptocurrency field mature. But now that we can no longer operate in the US, Bill, Rami, and I will concentrate on assisting Bittrex International in its success outside of the US. All customer monies are secure, here, and available for withdrawal, as I indicated above (for customers with KYC conditions met). Trading will be available until April 14, 2023, and you must take all of your money out by April 30, 2023.

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