Ethereum Group Raises Expectations Excessive as ‘Shapella’ Improve Nears

Positive Energy Rises Ahead of the Next Ethereum Update
An increasing amount of positive momentum is being seen for the impending upgrade to Ethereum, a decentralised blockchain with smart contract capabilities, according to a study conducted by OKX, a cryptocurrency exchange based in the Seychelles. The “Shapella” upgrade, a two-part Shanghai-Capella event, is now set for April 12. With this update, Ethereum users should be able to withdraw their staked ether (ETH), the platform’s native money. The research, according to OKX, was conducted at the ETH Denver Conference between March 1–5, 2021, among 700 ETH traders, merchants, and community builders.

According to the most recent data from CoinMarketCap, the value of ETH increased from over $1,820 seven days earlier to over $1,800 on April 7, 2021. But most of the participants in OKX’s survey (63%) believe that by year’s end, ETH will have reached a high price of more than $5,000 USD. Furthermore, a majority of respondents (79%) anticipate that the value of ETH will respond to the Shapella upgrade in a distinct manner compared to the Merge. Of this group, 59% think ETH will keep getting more valuable both before and after the upgrade, and 20% think it will stay mostly steady.

Thirty-three percent of participants predict that in June 2021, ETH will surpass its current six-month high of USD 2,000, while remaining below its 12-month high of USD 3,000. According to OKX, 34% more respondents anticipate that ETH would trade for less than $2,000, while 33% think it will reach at least $3,100 by June 2021.

Actors from Crypto Prepare for “Shapella”
As of April 5, 2021, 17.9 million had been staked on Ethereum, according to OKX. This is more than $34 billion USD in ETH. Digital asset companies have already begun to plan for the potential benefits that the Shapella upgrade may bring. Bybit, a cryptocurrency exchange, introduced a new “optimised” Web3 Staking Pool at the end of March to provide its users with “uncomplicated ETH staking options.” Moreover, the first market for institutional cryptocurrency staking was launched by ConsenSys, a software business that develops Ethereum and decentralised protocols. The software company thinks that the Shapella update may encourage more institutions to stake Ethereum.

Do Kwon’s hotly contested upgrade proposal was just approved by the Ethereum network by 65%, which is a significant step forward in the network’s efforts to scale the Ethereum blockchain. The Ethereum network will now switch from proof-of-work to the far more effective proof-of-stake consensus model thanks to the Shapella upgrade. This has made it possible for the planned merger of the Ethereum mainchain and the Beacon Chain. The new proof-of-stake mechanism will revolve around ETH staking, which is anticipated to increase institutional involvement in the Ethereum network. Following the proposal’s approval, the price of ETH surged dramatically as more investors came to trust the Ethereum network.

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