Floating Level Group Integrates ML Tech for Providing Algo Buying and selling Methods

Floating Point Group Introduces Prime Brokerage for Cryptocurrencies
The debut of Floating Point Group’s (FLG) new cryptocurrency prime brokerage business was announced this week. The platform offers an extensive suite of ML-driven tools and an advanced SMA-driven model, bridging the gap between institutional investors and decentralised financing (DeFi).

With FLG’s platform, consumers may access the emerging crypto finance market through a single point of entry thanks to automated risk management and algorithmic trading tools. In addition, the platform offers improved regulatory compliance through VASP registration—a prerequisite for a lot of cryptocurrency exchanges and service providers.

A $10 million Series A fundraising round led by main investors Chris Hazelton and Peter Eliades coincided with the development. The board of directors of FLG will also see the two investors join.

ML Tech Collaboration Improves Platform Services
Users of FlowVault will have access to and tracking of ML Tech’s Algorithmic Trading Systems thanks to a partnership between Floating Point Group and the non-custodial fund management and trading platform. The bitcoin settlement and transfer platform for exchange-based trade is called FlowVault by Floating Point Group.

The platform, according to the business, enables traders to directly use the exchange’s API, offers reduced trading fees, and focuses on automation and scale. The platform’s independently managed account (SMA) model, which covers pre-trade and post-trade risk management with round-the-clock monitoring and alerting, will be strengthened by the relationship with ML Tech.

Remarks of Leo Mindyuk Regarding Collaboration
According to ML Tech Co-Founder Leo Mindyuk, “institutional investors are looking for new sources of uncorrelated alpha in crypto markets.” Through our collaboration with Floating Point Group, traders can use a carefully selected selection of institutional-grade quantitative trading systems run by ML Tech in a safe and secure FlowVault setting. Users can choose trading methods that suit their risk/return appetite and execute them straight through FlowVault. These techniques range from Delta Neutral Basis and Calendar arbitrage to Market Neutral Statistical arbitrage.

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