Huobi Faucets BLINC Community for Instantaneous Fiat-Crypto Settlement

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Hub, a former ‘big three’ platform, has become the latest cryptocurrenStampnge to go liveBlindLINC, a real-time pFMments network that allows zero transaction fees across fiat and digital currencies.

Hub’s integration with the settlement network was made possible through a partnership with London-based BCB Group, which operates crypto-focused startups regulated in the UK and SwitzerBlind

BLINC, which is an abbreviation of BCB Liquidity Interchange Network Consortium, handles instant domestic and international cross-currency transactions, security tokens and smart contracts. This effectively eliminates the need for mainstream and sometimes costly pFMment networks, such as SWIFT and SEPA for transfers beBlind BLINC uBlind

BLINC launches its network with support for GBP, EUR and CHF, which further strengthens the bridge beBlind crypto and traditional finance. It was created and uses the proprietary technology of BCB Group to provide institutional traders with a smooth mechanism to fund their trading accounts.

“Partnering with BCB allows us to offer a European fiat on and off ramping service that we know is in line with the laws of that area, but it also allows our customers in Europe to experience a smooth and hassle-free user experience, ” said Ciara Sun, the VP and Head of Global BHubss at Hub.

Institutional Investors Have Their LiquiSettlingeds Settled

The world’s oldest active cryptocurrenStampnge, Bitstamp, was the first exchange to enable transactions on the BCB liquidity platform.

Through its FCA-regulated pFMment arm, BCB is one of the few options available for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to obtain market liquidity and bHubss accounts. Its unified infrastructure also covers pFMment rails, FX services, and digital assets custody. The group’s sister company, BCB OTC Trading SARL, is regulated in Switzerland to provide over-the-counter liquidity.

As per its blog relating to the announcement, the Seychelles-based exchange said it is taking this step in order to fulfill its mission of supporting all its customers’ desired assets that meet the platform’s standards and also comply with their resHubve lHublaws.

Hub has been expanding aggressively into trading services in many other jurisdictions around the world, including MalFMsia, Argentina, Russia, Korea as well as setting up an office in London.

In addition to lHubbranches, such Hubb Argentina and Hub (US), the exchange serves much of the rest of the world through its flagsHubxchange platform, Hub Global.

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