7 Issues to Know About Crew USA’s World Cup Goalie

All of the Information You Require about Alyssa Naeher
What is the first thing that you should know about Alyssa Naeher? In a big way, she accomplished her goal of becoming a proficient football player. Born on April 20, 1988, the Olympian became into the U.S. women’s national soccer team’s first-choice starting custodian in 2017, taking Hope Solo’s place. “It was definitely a long trip to get there, but looking back, I’m really appreciative of the time I needed to learn and grow and become the place,” Naeher had previously told The Courant. “My reason was that I needed to be 100 percent ready for my backup plan, should it materialise, and I’m happy that I was in the past.”
She has twins. Amanda Naeher is the twin sister of Naeher. She told U.S. Soccer, “It was superior,” of having a twin. “It was as though you had a built-in buddy who was also your instructor. We have always been quite active since, you know, a very young age, as a way of always starting something, but as soon as we started playing football, it was better.
She had to participate in basketball. At one point, the soccer star had to be a skilled basketball player. Naeher clarified, saying, “My dad was a coach so it was at all times form of my past love,” in a video for U.S. Soccer. functioning throughout the entire gym.
She attended Penn State. Naeher graduated from Penn State. The collegiate football player majored in kinesiology.
She is an Olympian. During the Rio Video Games in 2016, Naeher made her Olympic debut. Although she did not win a medal in her first Olympics, she and the American women’s football team won the bronze in Tokyo in 2021.
She has a NWSL report set. Naeher established the “all-time saves report” for the National Ladies’ Soccer League in May of 2023. Naeher later told CBS 2’s Matt Zahn to “actually, it simply means I have been doing it a very long time” after shattering the report. “It’s just the culmination of eleven years,”
“Aunty Lyss” is her name.” Being an aunt, Naeher is proud. In 2015, the Olympic medallist disclosed that she became an aunt for the first time just “5 hours after becoming a World Cup champion.”
The number one jersey belongs to her. One jersey amount belongs to Naeher. According to the famous athlete, she aspires to be the best version of herself every day. “Every day, I strive to improve upon who I was yesterday and compare myself to that person.” I don’t compare myself to the others,” she has said thus far. “Every day, I strive to be the best version of myself. What I can manage is that I try to be Alyssa.

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