Bob Saget in all probability died after falling in lodge room

Bob Saget Perishes in His Hotel Room Following a Fall
Bob Saget, an American actor, comedian, and broadcaster, most likely passed away at the beginning of this year after falling in his hotel room. Family relatives said that Saget, who was most known for playing Danny Tanner in the comedy series Full House, took a severe blow to the head and died as a result.

Early in January, security personnel at the Orlando Ritz-Carlton hotel, where Saget was staying, found him dead in his hotel room. His family released a statement saying, “Now that we know what actually happened, we think it’s only fitting to share that with Bob’s fans.” The physicians come to the conclusion that he most likely fell, and that fall proved fatal. Bob always did so much for others, and it is incredibly painful for all of his loved ones.

When questioned about the family’s statement on Wednesday by The New York Times and other media outlets, the police declined to comment. However, the Florida Orange County Police Department announced shortly after Saget’s finding that there didn’t appear to be any crimes or drugs involved.

Saget, who turned sixty-five, was a married mother of three. With his stand-up comedy show, he intended to tour the US through May 2021, having started a fresh tour in September 2021.

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