Frank and Rogier at the moment are formally divorced! | Stars

Spotlight Divorces of TV Stars
Initially, Rogier Smit asked his husband to pay him 10,000 euros in alimony each month. But the judge withdrew this claim after declaring that it was not adequately supported. A vigorous conversation over a jacket Rogier thought was still hanging in Frank’s wardrobe ensued. Frank promised to investigate and, should it be found, to give it back to his ex-husband.

It was clear that Frank was happy that the marriage had finally ended. “I want to warn young people who are in love,” he declared. Marriage passes swiftly, although it is illegal to divorce. It’s also a costly affair. I’m relieved it’s finally finished. I believe it is mutual since I will never have to see Rogier again. I am not a person to be left alone, therefore I can start flirting again today and I plan to take it seriously.” The elder of the two TV celebrities expressed this opinion, saying that their arguments had put a halt to their careers.

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