Revealed: The Incredible Love Story of Barbara Corcoran and Bill Higgins


Is Barbara Corcoran Currently Engaged?
Barbara Corcoran has a lot of love and a lot of money. The Queen of New York real-estate has been married to husband Bill Higgins, a retired Navy captain and former FBI agent, since 1988. She commemorated the 34th anniversary of their engagement by writing, “Marriage is very tough for some of us and we should get a medal for running the race,” on Instagram in 2022. I’m well aware that I’m married to a wonderful man and parent, yet he also manages to irritate me constantly. Probably just as much as me.

Yes, and I’m deeply in love with her! The Shark Tank star has been married to spouse Bill Higgins for more than three decades. In 1988, almost 15 years after Corcoran famously started the residential real estate firm The Corcoran Group with only $1,000, the couple tied the knot.

Corcoran has claimed, “We both have stick-to-itiveness,” as the reason for the longevity of their marriage. Toughness, I believe, is what keeps us content.

Can Anyone Identify Barbara Corcoran’s Spouse?
Bill Higgins is a veteran of the Gulf War and the FBI. He also served as a naval captain before retiring. Corcoran recently disclosed that she hired a former FBI agent to spy on her unfaithful husband, recognising the irony of the situation.

My current husband used to work for the FBI. She explained the situation, “I had an FBI agent following around another FBI agent,” on Instagram.

Higgins wasn’t having an affair, as the PI who followed him about for a week discovered while he was under constant surveillance at his office in Paramus, New Jersey; instead, he was spending his afternoons browsing the Barnes & Noble section of Circuit City on Route 4. The detective revealed to Corcoran that his client frequently visits bookstores and technology stores along Park Avenue, before returning with their purchases to his workplace.

Her response? “I took all of his credit cards away and signed him up for consumers anonymous,” she joked.

How Did Barbara Corcoran and Her Husband, Bill Higgins, Meet?
When Barbara Corcoran met her future husband in 1981, she was already a highly successful and well-respected entrepreneur who had attended a conference in New York City.

Higgins said that his future wife had “a whole entourage of people with her” when they first met in an interview with Yahoo! Life. “Everyone wanted to meet her,” he declared. “Being obnoxious and interrupting everyone,” as Higgins put it, was not the way he chose to meet Corcoran, so he waited until they were alone to introduce themselves. For the next six months, the couple played a dangerous game of cat and mouse before deciding to commit fully.

Barbara Corcoran and Bill Higgins tied the knot when?
Seven years after their first meeting, Corcoran and Higgins tied the knot in 1988. In a heartfelt social media message, Corcoran advised her fans to look for the “good s-t” in a potential life partner.

“Bill, my hubby! When I wed Bill 35 years ago, I was hoping to finally find an adventurous, sexy partner with whom to experience the world. Now long into our marriage, I realise I have collected the crucial stuff,” Corcoran posted on Instagram. “A true friend and a wonderful role model for our children.”

Is Bill Higgins the father of Barbara Corcoran’s children?
Barbara Corcoran and Bill Higgins share two children- a son named Tom, born via in vitro fertilisation (and with the help of Corcoran’s sister, who contributed an egg) in 1994, when Corcoran was 46; and a daughter named Kate, whom they adopted in 2005, when Corcoran was 56. Higgins’ four oldest children from his first marriage are now raised by Corcoran.

Corcoran has been forthright about how delaying motherhood helped her achieve financial success.

According to Corcoran in 2018, “I had from 22 to 46 to hyper-focus on building one thing, not a family, but my business.” I put in long hours every day of the week, like an animal. Nothing interfered with my ideas of where I wanted to go.” When asked about “having it all,” the woman, who is a mother and a grandmother, said, “You can have it all, but I don’t believe it’s possible to build a huge business and at the same time be a doting mother without the guilt and with the satisfaction of raising the child.” If I, the most organised person you’ll ever meet, can’t accomplish it, then I don’t know who can.

Notable Example: How Barbara Corcoran Raised Her First $1000 to Launch the Corcoran Group
Barbara Corcoran had dated several men before she got married, but her relationship with Ramone Simone stands out. Simone initially invested $1,000 in what would become The Corcoran Group (at the time, Corcoran & Simone).
According to Corcoran’s narrative, she and Simone met at a cafe where she was working as a waitress. She followed his advice and went into real estate; he then proposed they found a business together. They split it up like this, with Simone holding 51% and Corcoran 49%.
Their company flourished rapidly, but they ultimately suffered a devastating loss. When Corcoran decided to leave Simone for the office receptionist, she broke the news to him. In the 1990s, Corcoran decided to separate a portion of his company into what is now known as The Corcoran Group. What a vengeful act on her part!

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