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Hugo Metsers Steps Down After Claims of Abuse of Authority
Hugo Metsers has resigned from his position as the actor coach at Faaam after being accused of abusing power in a recent essay he published for De Volkskrant. He declared this on the webpage for the study programmes. “I am making every effort to ensure that all students feel safe because I have learned from the past.”
Last month, Metsers was discredited. Numerous former pupils of the Amsterdam-based acting school Faaam charge the founder and teacher of abusing their position of authority. It was claimed that Metsers forced students to participate in the Useful Nude module against their will and crossed their boundaries in terms of physical, sexual, and personal boundaries both inside and outside of the classroom. Metsers writes, “I am very shocked by the reporting in the media.” The fact that some past students have had negative experiences with my seminars is something I hold extremely dear and treat with great seriousness. I understand their situation, but that was never my aim. I appreciate everyone’s perspective and wish I had had a different experience at the time. I’m to blame for that.
Metsers does make some comments about the piece. He claims that further acts were captured, some of which he considers to be false. I’ve come across multiple depictions of conduct that I don’t identify with. I still take the events and emotions that are expressed seriously despite this. It has been five years since the Useful Nude teaching module was last offered on Faaam.
Metsers is temporarily stepping away from his role as coach. We are halting all of my teaching efforts immediately till further notice in order to allow classes to take place in peace and in light of the present turbulence in the media. Additionally, I will not be taking part in the core team, student assessments, or audition judging at this time.
In response to a “kissing incident” in which Metsers kissed a 21-year-old student during a school function, a group of students had already sent a letter in 2015. At the time, this was a public event that was visible to all. Following the letter, Metsers expressed regret and the Media School chastised him. Students who spoke with De Volkskrant claimed that this did not mean he ceased acting in a transgressive manner.

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