Humorous Guus labeled as ‘new Gert Verhulst’ after K2 is searching for K3 | TV

Guus triumphs with his humour and lighthearted demeanour.
With his humour and lighthearted style during the show, Guus quickly gained the affection of the audience and general public. As a result, he was soon referred to by Twitter users as a “new Gert Verhulst” rather than a “new K3.” One quips, “Samson and Guus,” while the other thinks the young man can “take over Studio 100 with his chat” by himself.
Aware that the Belgian jury member could not hear the contestants, the audience laughed when he declared at the beginning of his audition that he was a fan of singer and former presenter Ingeborg. She evaluates the contestants mostly based on presentation and attractiveness, much like Gordon does. There are Twitter users that find this upsetting.
“I understand that appearance is important for k3, but I think the idea of such a judging panel, especially with Gordon who only looks at skin colour, make-up, body and clothing, is such a bad example for (young) viewers.”

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