‘James Might in hospital after crash in Norway’ | Stars

James May, Richard Hammond, and Jeremy Clarkson’s Tunnel Stunt

Along with James May, Jeremy Clarkson (62), Richard Hammond (52), and others attempted a stunt in the tunnel where they alternatedly drove through at top speed. There was little visibility because the lights only came on when they were driving, giving the three of them very little reaction time.

The Sun claims that May was travelling at 120 km/h when the collision occurred, and the presenter’s initial reaction was dire. He did, however, appear to be cognizant and report having neck and back pain. And he gave himself a severe brain injury. In case something went wrong, an ambulance staff was already on standby for safety. May was consequently taken to the hospital right away.

One of the Grand Tour cast members, who previously starred in the hit show Prime Gear, has suffered injuries during filming before. For instance, Hammond suffered another severe crash in 2017 and spent two weeks in a coma in 2006. Luckily, all he sustained was a broken leg.

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