Jan Rot congratulates Jacob Derwig on successful De Slimste Mens

Winner of the 19th season of De Slimste Mens is Jacob Derwig
Jacob Derwig was commended by Jan Rot for winning the nineteenth season of De Slimste Mens. Friday night’s winner was Derwig. Earlier in the last week, Jan Rot—who was taking part in the programme for the second time in his life—had been removed.
“A wonderful game with a nice winner. Jacob, long live!” Rot tweets things. The songwriter and comedian has a fatal illness. Arjen Lubach had defeated him in the championship game before. It had been his deepest desire to play the game again.
In the last round of the finale, Derwig triumphed over writer Frank Heinen. The actor urged the Dutch people to return to the theatre in large numbers in 2022 during his acceptance speech, saying, “We missed you and we need you.” Derwig declared Jan Rot the genuine winner of De Slimste Mens’ twentieth season. The KLEM actress declared, “Jan is ultimately the real winner of the season.” How determined and upbeat he was, especially considering the situation. I could have lost to him in the end.

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