Martien Meiland: ‘In 5 years’ time Chateau Meiland will now not exist’ | present

Chateau Meiland Will End in Five Years, Says Martien Meiland
In five years, Martien Meiland (60) believes his lucrative reality series Chateau Meiland will cease to exist. In conversation with Veronica Superguide, he said this. “In general, I already feel like I’ve entered the afterlife.” He has nevertheless made the decision to continue creating the serial, provided that the viewership continues to “rating nicely above the million.” “We’ll stop if the rankings collapse.”

Martien is dedicating more time to his family, which suggests that the highs and lows in the Meiland household will no longer be shown on television. “You already know that Chateau Meiland will no longer exist in five years,” he foresaw. “Thereafter, I’m occupied with the grandchildren; maybe Montana and Dirk will give birth soon.” His oldest daughter, Maxime, is already a mother of two children.

Which of the Three systems is Martien aiming to keep creating? And that’s the end of it. Day. Generally speaking, I already feel like I’m in the grave. He wouldn’t be too upset if he were to cease working on TV entirely. He previously stated, “There will probably come a day when people think it’s not so good with Martien anymore.” “After we cut the power, I couldn’t just curl up in a corner and cry.”

The marriage of daughter Maxime and her partner Leroy is the main focus of the upcoming season of Chateau Meiland. “We also had the switch of the chateau in France and we moved once again,” Erica says to Veronica Superguide.

Martien says, “There will be tears and smiles throughout the sequence.” I happy sobbed at Maxime and Leroy’s wedding ceremony. A tear of sadness shed during my mother-in-law’s memorial.

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