Motion pictures: An Trade

Movies: An Industry


Movies, better known as motion pictures, are a form of visual entertainment used to convey thought, emotions, experiences, and ideas through the medium of moving pictures. Movies are grouped into two categories: mainstream and independent films. Both can be enjoyed over the television, on the theater, or by video rentals. A movie, also referred to as a motion picture, is usually a commercial or product produced by a film company for the purpose of releasing it into the marketplace to entertain consumers.

Movies are released by studio-based production companies, independent film production companies, and by distributor-based film companies. Studio-based companies include movie studios, video production houses, TV networks, and direct production houses. Distribution companies include chain restaurants, mail order companies, independent movie distributors, and video stars. Independent film distribution companies include television networks, Internet service providers, and movie stars. Most movies are released by studio-based companies in the United States and by distributors in other countries.

Movies may be produced for one major company or a number of companies, each producing a different variety of movies. Studios produce feature-length films, independent films, TV series, DVD movies, and late night talk shows. Production companies produce pre-teen, late teen, and children’s films. The term “studio” refers to any company producing a movie.

The most familiar kind of movie is the Hollywood film industry. Studios produce and distribute the vast majority of movies. Independent producers make very small movies. Many of these films have only a limited budget; however, they do tell stories that may be interesting to movie fans. Many independent producers make their films available to viewers online via websites.

The motion picture industry is also known as the entertainment industry, a term combining the words “entertainment” and “motion.” Movies tell stories, which are presented on a large screen or through a motion picture process. Some motion pictures use photographic image editing to show special scenes or to create a virtual experience for viewers. Movies can also be television series, theatrical presentations, or video games. A movie can be made up of scenes, episodes, or entire movies.

A movie producer can be a director (he can write and direct), a screenwriter (he can write and direct), a cinematographer (can manipulate images with the camera), or an editor (edits pictures). There are also technicians who work with movie crews and can repair props, create special effects, and make sound for the movies. Most of the movies are produced by independent production houses. A small group of film investors controls the fate of the film. Sometimes, local community centers or community theaters hold screenings of movies prior to wider release.

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