Nelly kicks off the brand new season of Miljoenenjacht with a big sum of money | present

The primary episode of the brand new season of Million greenback hunt tonight on SBS6 supplied sufficient stress as typical. Viewers noticed how Nelly from Zwijndrecht managed to gather at least 433,000 euros with the nerve-racking suitcase sport.

Nelly, who arrived at the studio with Martijn her son, doesn’t have to worry about her requirements. She must win some big cash to make that happen. Linda de Mol tells Nelly that she wants a Zeeland vacation home. Nelly’s wish list does not end there. She says, “If it really seems to be successful, I’d like to help the children find a house.”

Nelly, who kept her cool during the preliminaries chose number 23 as her “fortunate luggage” of the night. She said, “That’s the day of my marriage ceremony.” For 31 years, she has been living together with her childhood sweetheart Pieter.


Linda de Mol, Nelly’s first spherical leader, says “I hope that you will fish out the low amounts”, but unfortunately the primary briefcase in which she works is immediately worth 200,000 Euros. There is no reason to panic. Fortunately, she soon recovers. In the next briefcase, there is only one cent. Nelly remains optimistic, but instantly gives up the 400,000 and 500,000 euro.

Linda de Mol believes that this doesn’t matter much because the 5 highest amounts are still there. Motive enough for Nelly to ignore the initial 44,000 Euros from the financial institution, and for No Deal to go. Linda responds, “No, that might not be very loopy.” Nelly decided to refuse to settle for 85,000 euros in the following spherical.


Nelly’s third spherical issue still looks good, despite the fact that she hasn’t given up her briefcase with 5 million Euros. The financial institution also saw this and provided 166,000 euros. Nelly will not be able purchase a vacation property with that amount so she made the choice to No Deal. Linda said, “Now it will be very exciting”. In the following spherical, she is offered 223,000 euros. However, Nelly shouldn’t be too happy about that as she keeps playing.

It was thrilling, Linda, however, was correct. Nelly takes 750,000 euros off Linda within the fourth spherical. However, the financial institution nearly doubles the amount and Nelly can now take home 433,000 euros. Nelly, that is a home! Linda immediately responds enthusiastically. While she wants to tell a full story about why the suitcase is the right choice, Nelly makes the final decision. in she presses on the button, and she or he is home 433,000 euros more.

Miljoenenjacht can be seen each Sunday at 8 p.m. on SBS 6 and might be considered on KIJK.nl

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Nelly kicks off the brand new season of Miljoenenjacht with a big sum of money | present
Supply hyperlink Nelly kicks off the brand new season of Miljoenenjacht with a big sum of money | present

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