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SBS6’s Million Dollar Hunt Season Opens
As usual, there was a lot of tension in tonight’s SBS6 debut of Million Dollar Hunt, the first episode of the new season. Watchers saw how Zwijndrecht resident Nelly was able to accumulate an incredible 433,000 euros from the tense suitcase game.
Accompanied by her son Martijn, Nelly is focused on obtaining large sums of money to meet her necessities. Nelly confesses there’s more on her wish list as Linda de Mol tells her she wants a vacation house in Zeeland. She adds, “If it looks like it’s going to be successful, I’d like to help the children find a house.”
Nelly’s first round chaperone, Linda de Mol, says, “I hope that you will fish out the small amounts.” Sadly, the first briefcase she selects is instantly valued at 200,000 Euros. Unwavering, Nelly recovers quickly. There is one cent in the next briefcase. Though optimistic, Nelly declines the 400,000 and 500,000 euros right away.
Nelly decides not to make a deal and throws away the first 44,000 Euros from the bank since Linda de Mol thinks it doesn’t really matter because the five largest amounts are still there. “No, that would not be very crazy,” Linda says in agreement. Nelly decides to turn down 85,000 euros in the next round.
Nelly is still unwilling to part with her briefcase containing five million euros, but her third round offer still seems good. As the bank notices this, it makes an offer of 166,000 euros. Nelly selects “No Deal” since she is not happy with this amount. “Now it will be very exciting,” Linda remarks. In the next round, she receives an offer of 223,000 euros. Nelly isn’t giving up though as she keeps playing.
It was unsettling, but Linda was right when she said that. In the final round, Nelly defeats Linda with 750,000 euros. After almost doubling the sum, the bank allows Nelly to withdraw 433,000 euros. That’s a home, Nelly! Linda responds with joy right away. Nelly had the final say and presses the button, winning 433,000 euros despite her best efforts to justify why the suitcase is a good choice.

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