Nirvana cleaning soap continues: ‘child’ on album cowl Nevermind to court docket once more | present

Child on the Album Cover Files for Nirvana Sexual Abuse Case
Spencer Thirty years after Elden’s nude childhood photo from Nirvana’s Nevermind album appeared on the quilt, the man has launched a fresh lawsuit alleging sexual exploitation in a California court. Elden requests hefty compensation, claiming that his nude appearance on the record cover “brought about excessive emotional misery” and that he was too young to provide consent at the time.
Attorneys representing the remaining band members and Nirvana’s family members had previously claimed in court that Elden “has taken benefit of his fame because the Nirvana child for three a long time.” They provided examples, pointing out that Elden has tattooed the record title on his breast and has repeatedly mimicked the image himself. They also indicated that the costs’ statute of limitations had passed.

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