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Nelson Valkenburg, NENT’s New Lead Commentator for Formula One Race Weekends
NENT has announced that Nelson Valkenburg would replace Melroy Heemskerk as the primary commentator on Grand Prix weekends. “We predict that is the fitting option to beat the game with a duo consisting of the commentator and the knowledgeable,” said NENT CEO Peter Nrrelund.
This upcoming winter, Ziggo Sport’s Method 1 rights will be transferred to NENT, with video aired via the streaming service Viaplay. Nrrelund did say, however, that Olav Mol would not be coming along. “Olav Mol played a crucial role in Method 1 in the Netherlands, and he has my utmost respect,” he stated. “Nevertheless, we even have our imaginative and prescient of creating Method 1. Fifteen people will soon be in the Netherlands to present the game at a professional level.
On December 8th, Viaplay will have a press conference to further on their plans for Method 1 in the Netherlands.

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