Midseason conclusion of Outlander season 7 has fans hoping for a return in 2024.

Outlander officially began with the screening of Outlander’s midseason finale on Friday, with the second half of the season scheduled to return in 2024. Cliffhanger: Will Roger (Richard Rankin) and Buck (Dairmaid Murtagh) discover Jemmy (Blake Johnston-Miller) and Rob Cameron (Chris Fulton), who went back through the stones in search of Roger’s son?

“I thought [the season] was amazingly successful at taking an immense amount of material, distilling it into vibrant strands, and weaving it into a mostly coherent and very absorbing story,” Diana Gabaldon, author of the New York Times bestseller Outlander, told Parade. Even though it had to be shortened and condensed, and in some cases important details were left out or simplified, the filmmakers mainly refrained from adding anything unnecessary that wasn’t in the novels, and they kept in a lot of the original language and events. I value your help a lot.

One such instance is when Jamie (Sam Heughan) visits his dying cousin General Simon Fraser (Angus MacFadyen) at the British camp at Saratoga and runs into William (Charles Vandervaart). After shooting William’s hat off, Jamie gave William his own to wear instead, but he didn’t look at him as he did so that no one would notice how similar they were.

Gabaldon added a witty aside on this scene, noting, “”As an aside, watched the dailies for that sequence, and there were four takes of Jamie walking away from William, with Claire following, asking him why he did that? Jamie adds that this was the second time in William’s life that he (Jamie) had came within an inch of shooting him, and what if he didn’t miss, a third time? The speaker continues, “I thought I should try to speak to him once, as a man…in case it was my only chance.” Excellent work, and on the third try (the one they chose), you could hear the Director or the AD (I couldn’t tell which) very quietly exclaim, “Smashed it…smashed it” as Sam finished his last line. “And he did.”

Caitríona Balfe, Charles Vandervaart


The series included a version of Benedict Arnold (Rod Hallett) whose role was enlarged slightly from the literature. Gabaldon has stated that she did not intend for it to appear as though Claire (Caitrona Balfe) was involved in his decision to turn traitor. According to Gabaldon, “”the show did a tremendous job of presenting what I did intend in the book—showing Benedict Arnold as a real person, with personal charm, as well as deep compassion for his soldiers.” She went on to say that while their first encounter and following talk about cinchona bark, laudanum, and Robert Browning are all canon, their interaction with the injured general at the hospital wasn’t.

Dairmaid Murtagh, Rosa Miller, Blake Johnston-Miller

Beginning in 2024, Season 2 will follow Roger and Buck as they go across time in search of Jemmy. Since Buck’s family is now Roger’s family as well, his compassion for Roger’s plight after the death of his own is crucial to the mission’s success.

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