Ozzy Osbourne strikes again to England from Los Angeles because of excessive taxes | present

The Return of Ozzy Osbourne to England Following 25 Years
After more than 25 years, Ozzy Osbourne will be returning to his home country of England. The 73-year-old rock star feels that his present residence of Los Angeles is taxing him excessively. Soon, Ozzy and his spouse Sharon will be relocating full-time to their already-owned property in Buckinghamshire, England.

“We are leaving Los Angeles behind. That makes us a little sad, but the tax is becoming unnecessarily high. I enjoy living here, so that’s why I’m sad,” the singer said to the Daily Mirror.

He’s moving out of his Los Angeles home, which houses a music studio. Osbourne declared, “I’m going to build a shed there and make my own studio.” “I’ll keep making music and my band will come along.”

The couple has only been residing in their Los Angeles residence for a short while. The magnificent mansion in Beverly Hills that starred in the reality series The Osbournes (2002–2005) is one of the properties in America where Osbourne has resided with his family.

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