Peter Gillis Appears in Court for Alleged Abuse Case, Nicol, First ‘Victim’, to Testify: Reality Star’s Trial Delayed for Witness Testimony.

Court Action Against Reality Star:  Delay in Peter Gillis’s appearance

The lawsuit against Peter Gillis, proprietor of a theme park and reality personality, has been delayed. The court appearance that was initially planned for August 12 to confront allegations of assault against his fiancée Nicol has been rescheduled. Gillis, who had spent one night and one day in prison, and Nicol, who was arrested at the Ommelse theme park at the end of May, both refute the assault and the arrest itself.

At the request of attorney Tonne van de Biezenbosch, the postponement has been made. Prior to proceeding, he desires to hear from a witness, and the court has concurred. Although Van de Biezenbosch has not yet disclosed the identity of the witness, Nicol Kremers, the alleged victim, has been confirmed by sources to be present.
Although Kremers has not personally reported any assault, the Public Prosecution Service has decided to prosecute Gillis on the basis of the police report. “Such decisions are not made lightly,” a spokesperson assured.

A week after information regarding the prosecution was released, Gillis and Nicol are both on vacation in Italy, where they categorically deny the accusation and the arrest. They consider it to be “energising in a healthy relationship.”

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