Singer-Songwriter Maisie Peters Reveals the Greta Gerwig Film That Impressed Her Newest Album

With her Lollapalooza debut, Maise Peters is making history.

Maisie Peters, giddy over her first time at Lollapalooza in the United States, sat on a soggy bench in the heart of the festival’s Press Lounge. Despite her extensive performance resume, which includes major festivals like Glastonbury and supporting acts like Ed Sheeran on his 2017 Arithmetic Tour, she remarked that the Lolla crowd and the cityscape backdrop were particularly energising. Peters acknowledges that she cannot “”really comprehend”” the significance of her achievements, but says that experiences like this help bring everything into sharp perspective. She reflected on the extraordinary nature of being a foreign performer and someone who hasn’t grown up in the United States or attended Lollapalooza before, telling the magazine Parade that “when we drove into the Lollapalooza grounds, I had this moment where it all of a sudden clicked—how extraordinary it is to have a set and a dedicated time slot at such a popular event.” It’s something absolutely unique.

Peters uses a mix of the High School Musical soundtrack, country music, and even some Stormzy to get amped up right before going on stage. Part of her pre-show conventions reportedly includes a “”special secret handshake”” with her band members, who are more than simply co-workers—they’re crucial to her journey. Their importance prompted her to write an introspective song about them for her The Good Witch CD titled “The Band and I.”

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In a frank statement, she says, “”We’re not only a team; we’re a family. As one expert put it, “”It exceeds the bounds of knowledge. A strong bond of trust and affection has developed, and each member has a healthy respect for the others’ musical ability. It’s hard to put a price on it. When we play live, it’s as if we’re having the time of our lives.

Maise Peters launched her US album, The Good Witch, flying up to #1 on the UK Album rankings. This album explores topics of addiction and love through the lens of a breakup. “As the album’s closing track, “History of Man” is very fitting. Peters alludes to the “eternal agony and joy of being a woman” in the song, which has the memorable line, “”Women’s hearts are lethal weapons / Did you hold mine and feel threatened?”” Peters compares this to Jo March’s feelings in Little Women. Further explaining, she says, “”It’s not just about being adored, it’s about having a mind, a spirit, and ambitions, alongside a heart. Given Gerwig’s current cinema researching gender and social standards, Peters distinguishes the song by saying, “”Greta Gerwig-coded”” and adding, “”It contains the strength that arises from these diverse feelings. And how that, coming from someone like myself, may be interpreted as a potentially dangerous force. In any case, you know what? To me, that’s a blessing in disguise. “””It’s powerful to experience something so intensely.

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