Sony Music Severs Ties with Lil Kleine After Allegations of Abuse

“Sony Music Ends Relationship with Lil Kleine””Sony Music takes the allegations against Lil Kleine very seriously and can never tolerate the behaviour shown in the images circulating on social media,” To put it bluntly, “”this is in direct opposition to our core beliefs as a firm.”” The corporation has thus severed ties with the musician. Earlier this week, Sony remained silent about the event.

After revealing that he was parting ways with his record company TopNotch, Lil Kleine has revealed his new deal with Sony Music. On Friday, the members of TopNotch, whose latest album, Ibiza Tales, came out earlier this month, expressed their desire to have no further contact with the rapper. Lil Kleine’s music is no longer being promoted by the label.

Lil Kleine is accused of strangling his lover Jaimie Vaes by squeezing her head between the car door and the dashboard. On Wednesday, the Magistrate looking into the case decided to release the 27-year-old artist, whose real name is Jorik Scholten. Since then, however, the Public Prosecution Service has filed an appeal.

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