Splinter Chabot Uncovers Special Places in The Hague for “For Real”


“Splinter Chabot Will Be Presenting A Number Of Special Locations In The Hague”

As part of the web series For Real, in which celebrities give tours of their hometowns, Splinter Chabot takes viewers on a tour of some of The Hague’s most interesting and off-the-beaten-path sites. This includes, for example, the training facility that he utilised to drive frantically there. He was concerned that other men would see him in his skintight pants. On the other hand, as soon as he arrived, he experienced the full meaning of the word freedom. ,,Despite the fact that I was completely unaware of the reasons why at the time, it was undeniably some kind of safe haven for me. The space in which I could be myself.

Another significant location for Splinter is the Waalsdorpervlakte, which is a memorial located in the dunes between The Hague and Wassenaar in the Netherlands. During the course of the Second World War, occupying forces carried out the execution of an estimated 250 to 280 citizens, including a large number of resistance fighters, in the sand dunes that are located on the outskirts of the city. This is the location of the monument that was built in their memory.

“I have a thing for guys, which, as far as the law in the Netherlands is concerned, is perfectly acceptable.” I have the impression that the fact that we are able to coexist peacefully here is one of the primary reasons why I am able to accept myself as I am. Freedom is something that can be given to people, but only when there is peace in the world. For my part, I believe that any new piece of technology should further expand upon that freedom. so that each and every one of us can appreciate the benefits of that freedom to an even greater degree. However, they have already completed the first and most important and challenging tasks necessary for that,” he continues.

“When I visit The Hague to spend time with my parents, one of the first things I want to do is go jogging. “I always make a diversion right here on the way back,” adds Splinter. “It’s a lot more fun that way.” “At that point, I remove my earbuds and turn off the music. When that occurs, I’ll put an end to my wandering since once you reach this location, it’s important to be somewhat quiet and respectful. After that, he takes a break and shows up on the other four crosses. After that, I always conclude by expressing gratitude for peace, freedom, tolerance, and safety in the world. We are accustomed to living in freedom and peace. Having said that, that is in point of fact a really luxurious item. That does not at all occur frequently in any way, shape, or form. Freedom and peace are essential, much like air we breathe. When it’s not there, then you definitely feel what it always does to you, and how necessary it is to be alive. When it’s not there, then you definitely feel what it always does to you.”

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