Celebrate August with These Hilarious Taylor Swift “August” Memes!

Taylor Swift Month Begins Today

Taylor Swift has single-handedly dominated the summer. After releasing Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) in July, all eyes have been on Taylor Swift this summer as she embarks on her biggest tour to date, The Eras Tour. Swift continues to exert a strong influence on pop culture, as evidenced by the online discussion of what to wear to her upcoming The Eras Tour and the wild conjecture surrounding possible new vault tunes. Swift’s folk song “”august”” has encouraged admirers to claim the month as hers (and theirs) and is just another reason why she rules the summer.

Swift’s eighth single from her upcoming 2020 album, folklore, is titled “”August,”” which is also the eighth month of the year. It’s no surprise that fans of a musician whose song is also the name of the month would use the month of August to express their devotion to both Swift and “”august.” The third member of the traditional love triangle between “”cardigan,”” “”betty,”” and “”august,”” this song tells the story of the woman with whom James was having an affair while still married to Betty. It’s no surprise that Swifties adore the song and want to celebrate it at the beginning of August; the lyrics are heartbreaking and nostalgic, expressing a desire to belong to someone rather than being someone’s second option.

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Who started the clock in August? Everyone who likes Taylor Swift.This monumental cover of “”august”” is indicative of the song’s enduring popularity.
folklore girlies definitely won with this one.
The Barbie meets Taylor Swift crossover we’ve been waiting for.
Taylor Swift month has arrived in August.
In August, we usher in the end of summer and channel Taylor Swift.
Fortunately, Taylor gives her fans a “”august”” fix by performing this song every night of The Eras Tour.
Women who understand it do.

The month of May is dedicated to Taylor Swift maniacs everywhere.
Everyone here knows who the bad guy in “”august”” was.
Swifties are giving new meaning to the phrase “”salt air.
Pick your battleground: your lover or Taylor Swift’s “august.” Choose wisely.
On the first of August, you must SHOUT “”august”” The regulations are as they are!
We must face the obvious: “august” is a deeply moving and universally relevant song, so be prepared to reach for the Kleenex frequently during the day.
It’s impossible to reach Christian Girl Autumn without first reaching for “”august.””
Indeed, wise words to live by.
Some Swifties have incredible levels of dedication.
Those Swiftie Ken dolls would fly off the shelves.
We all know that Jon Snow is a huge Swift fan who enjoys listening to her sad songs.
It’s essential if you’re a fan of Taylor Swift’s “”august”” to have a tasteful poster of the song.
Swifties took it from there, thanks to Taylor Swift’s “”august”” tweet.
Taylor Swift fans have a completely new association with the month of August.
Okay, “”August”” was simply trying to be KENough for James.
The month of August is ideal for sobbing along to Taylor Swift.
In the annals of “”august”” mythology, August is dedicated to the unchosen women who are still waiting for their fairytale romance.
August is a unique time to listen to folk music and stories.
“”August”” is definitely exactly such a “”Inject it into my veins!”” kind of song. “

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