Guusje Nederhorst honoured by the Hague with road dedicated to her.

Nederhorst was born in The Hague and died there. She is buried there. Hagenaar Dinand Woesthoff was her husband. He is the singer of Kane. He now co-owns Dromenjager with Lucy, the media company behind Woezel & Pip. They responded by saying that they were proud of the decision made by The Hague to dedicate a road title for Guusje. Our long-held dream was to dedicate a permanent location in The Hague to Guusje, where she lived with great pleasure and where she gave birth in 2002 to Woezel and Pip.

They also say they enjoy returning to the area and taking a look at the streets. “We look forward to visiting the Guusje Nederhorststraat together with our family and your entire workforce of Woezel, Pip. We wish the road’s long-term residents happiness and inspiration. It won’t be because of the road title.

The Guusje Nederhorststraat can be found in a new neighborhood, which is currently being built on the outskirts Of The Hague. It borders Wateringen. Names of all streets in the neighborhood have been given. These include Guusje Nederhorst and Anne Frank. “Our place is to start: we choose a feminine name for a new title of road. “It’s just time for that,” Hilbert Bredemeijer, The Hague Alderman (CDA; out-of-doors house) says. Bredemeijer said about Anne Frankstraat, “That matches The Hague’s profile: The town of justice and peace.”

The Hague names road after Guusje Nederhorst | Stars
Supply hyperlink The Hague names road after Guusje Nederhorst | Stars

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