Is this The Weeknd Blinding Lights Inspiration?

The Weeknd Blinding Lights Inspiration

The weeknd Blinding lights









The Weeknd’s energetic, fast-paced pop song Blinding Lights became a Billboard chart-topping success. The lyrics are reported to have been written for The Weeknd’s (Abel Tesfaye) on-and-off girlfriend Bella Hadid, and they discuss the singer’s feelings of despair, loneliness, and desire. The song, which has a 1980s feel to it, is also said to be about the hazards of driving when inebriated.
The song is a synth-centric pop single that will remind you of ’80s new wave or the Stranger Things soundtrack, and while it isn’t featured in the show, a talented fan created a fantastic mashup video featuring the cast. “The city’s cold and empty / No one’s around to criticise me / I can’t see well when you’re gone,” the lyrics to “Blinding Lights” read. Those are unmistakably phrases about heartbreak and grieving what may have been with someone.
When compared to the first song from After Hours, “Heartless,” the lyrics are noticeably different in tone. “Never need a b**ch, I’m what a b**ch needs / Trying to find the one that can fix me,” he sings there on being a bachelor.
We assume he’s referring to his nine-month romantic relationship with Selena Gomez, which ended in October 2017.
There’s also conjecture that other Weeknd tracks, such as the blockbuster ballad “Call Out My Name” from his macabre 2018 EP My Dear Melancholy, are about Selena.
The Weeknd’s most direct explanation of the song’s meaning came in an Esquire cover interview, where he revealed that some of the lyrics were inspired by the sensation of driving while inebriated. Many feel that his heavily bandaged and wounded appearances on After Hours are actually a warning about the hazards of driving while inebriated.
“It’s about how you want to visit someone late at night, and you’re inebriated, and you’re driving to this person, and you’re just dazzled by streetlights,” he explained. “I don’t want to advocate drunk driving in any way, but that’s the dark undertone.”

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