‘The Younger and the restless’ Star Eric Braeden Provides a cancer update

Eric Braeden, renowned for his role as Victor Newman on The Younger and the Restless, went live on Facebook this Sunday to announce some uplifting news: he has been declared cancer-free by his medical team.

“I’m here tonight to express my immense gratitude for all your positive thoughts and prayers,” Braeden said. “They’ve meant the world to me, and I can tell you they’ve certainly made a difference. Just two days ago, I underwent my last cystoscopy—where they insert a camera into your bladder—and there wasn’t a trace of cancer. How great is that?”

Eric Braeden further clarified that even though he’s received a positive diagnosis, the journey isn’t entirely behind him yet. “I still have about three more preventative infusions to go, known as BCG treatments,” he explained. “Essentially, they infuse your bladder with a substance that’s proven to kill off cancer cells. But as of three days ago, I’m cancer-free, and my surgeon did an excellent job in completely removing all traces of the disease.”

First announcing his cancer diagnosis back in April, Braeden said he was shocked but resolved to fight it. “I’m determined to beat this,” he declared. “I’ll be back in top shape soon enough. I love acting, and it’s my passion to entertain people.”

The diagnosis came from a urologist at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles when Braeden consulted him for issues with urination. Initially undergoing a UroLift procedure to address this problem, subsequent surgery and a biopsy uncovered high-grade cancer cells. This led to a six-week course of immunotherapy treatment for the actor.

The Younger and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS.


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